Honourable colleagues in the industry:

           December 2012, Shandong Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd. was formally established. He is like a fat clay loam soil buds just showing off children, bursting with vitality and vigor. With his tenacious of life and continue to thrive reveal new branches to prove the value of his life, it also give us some good returns.

        Thanks to the love of friends and the community, under the strong support of all the staff and the joint efforts of Shandong River Paper Co., Ltd. adhere to environmental priorities, the general idea of scientific development, to manage as the starting point, in order to promote technical innovation potential, have been completed large-scale transformation of the production lines, to achieve the upgrading of production equipment, a substantial decline in costs, energy consumption, product quality has been substantial improvement and promotion, brand building has made significant progress in paper cups and other products in order to stabilize the product quality in the domestic market is widely recognized. By the end of 2013, we invest420 million yuan of 100,000 tons of high-grade cultural paper groundbreaking technology projects, with each passing day, leaving everyone to see the development of the company's bright future.

        Enter 2014, the company strengthened its internal management, and focus on the refinement of management, on the production, supply, marketing and other aspects of the production and operation of the sort of partners to re-tender optimize business efficiency and laid a solid foundation for further improvement; adhere to scientific development continue the transfer mode, adjust the structure, quality and efficiency, technical innovation tapping further increased, the transformation plan have established successful implementation, product quality improvement and restructuring work achieved a major breakthrough in the market sales steadily, the economic data are in varying degrees of growth. All these prove that the company has a vision of collective decision-making scientific leadership, there is courage to tackle, to be able to win the battle between cadres team!

        Numerous difficulties ahead, my generation must struggle. Currently, under international and domestic double squeeze, the domestic paper industry is in a difficult period of development. The development of Shandong Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd is a long way. With faith cooperation and solidarity, we only create a more brilliant career in the market trend. Shandong Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd. will build a green ecology, sustainable development of enterprise-class paper for the vision, outstanding quality strategy, and build Paper boutique, with more excellent products, more reasonable prices, better service, with we mutually beneficial, win-win integrity. We will work together to create a better future.